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ABATE BASILIO & C. Snc was established in 1973 as a mechanical precision shop.


Located between Brescia and Garda Lake, inside one among Italian most important districts for moulding technologies, our Company specialized in time in the manufacture of high performances injection moulds for plastic mostly in the packaging and in fast cycle parts fields.


Our production makes use of technologies, developed straight by us, specifically aimed at the optimization of the injection and cooling cycles as well as the ejection of the shot part and thanks to which we may ensure our customers a considerable increase of the production rate. Exclusively worldwide patents enable our customer to take enormous advantages against the competitors.

In particular we are specialized in the manufacture of moulds for the packaging field and in this respect particular regard deserves our production of high performances flat and sandwich moulds suitable for the production of thin wall containers - for food or not – (T.W.P.P. Thin Walled Packaging Products) with I.M.L. (In Mold Labelling). We are furthermore greatly present into the technical fields with exclusively unscrewing systems and 2K moulds application.


 Since April 2003 our Company is ISO 9001 (ICIM Cert. 1054) certified, as further guarantee and growth of reliability and quality – both in terms of products and services – which always distinguished our Company.



Based in Bremen, Germany Ilsemann Automation has been supplying highly dynamic takeout systems with precise automation solutions to handle the most complex of applications for more than 40 years. Companies in more than 60 countries use their takeout and automation solutions in their production. Key industries are food packaging, medical, healthcare as well as automotive and multimedia.


Various standard systems are available for the production of IML products, plastic cutlery, disposable dinnerware, petri dishes, spray caps, multimedia boxes, etc.


Reducing cycle times is the key to cutting unit costs. Lateral insertion and takeout systems are consistently designed for top acceleration and traversing speeds to implement shortest cycle times with total cycle times shorter than 2.5sec, Ilsemann systems are unique in that they feature excellent takeout times shorter than 0.25 sec for single moulds as well as stack moulds with eight cavities or more.

Non-moving system components such as base frame and guides are solidly built for precision and durability. To make best use of the performance of the drives we employ low-weight carbon fibre end-of-arm tools. They are custom-designed by specialists and produced in our in-house carbon fibre design and production unit.


Naturally, these highly dynamic processes are further enhanced with the integration of downstream optical quality inspection, stacking, packaging and palletising where required.


The demands imposed on medical & packaging applications are very high, therefore expectations as to the design and quality of equipment continually increasing. A bespoke automation systems from Ilsemann ensures that you fully meet these expectations. Our highly experienced teams will be keen to face the most complex challenges in the takeout, assembly and packaging of your components.



Star Automation Europe has been operating in Europe since 1989, It is a manufacturing and commercial structure taking advantage from the know-how of its Japanese head-office Star Seiki Co. Ltd, the world's largest manufacturer of cartesian robots and automations for the injection moulding process.


Star Seiki Co. Ltd. manufactures 3000 robots per year and has installed more than 120,000 units worldwide in the last 30 years

Star Automation Europe produces robots in all sizes (from 30 to 5000 tons) adapting the Japanese know-how to European standards.

The result is a  high quality product because of its original design the choice of components coming from the largest world-wide suppliers and the 36-years experience in the manufacturing of these specific robots are the best guarantee for the final user of their robots.


They guarantee the availability of spare parts for ten years. The programmed maintenance is tailored according to the customer specific “way of working” thus assuring a longer life of the robots and a perfect reliability. The result is that the value of the investment remains high for many years.

Star Automation is able to satisfy all the needs of customer, with solution in the forefront in case of cartesian robots.


Factory Automation systems of Star Automation Europe expand their market through a founded global approach on the technology of the robots. For an always greater saving in terms of job, hard work and necessity of labor.


They are specialised in both designing and manufacturing chucks (EOAT) and commercialising their components in order to meet the most different requirements, providing know-how and the adequate technical support.


Our many years experience in designing and realising special automation enables us to offer turn key projects on customer's specifications.

The use of the latest technology allows us to satisfy each customer requests in terms of handling and assembling process automation.

Star Automation Europe is not just a standard robot manufacturer but also the right supplier for itemized large systems up to the covering of the total factory automation needs.


Vision Inspection

Vision inspection systems for the plastic packaging industry are efficient and powerful when they meet customer requirements and inspection criteria.


Since 1993 INTRAVIS offers high-quality vision inspection systems for the plastic packaging industry. As market leader of turn-key solutions they specialize in cutting-edge technology and downstream equipment for the inspection of bottles, closures, preforms and decoration as well as bespoke applications.


Headquartered in the technology-rich region of Aachen, Germany they develop vision inspection systems for customers all over the world. With subsidiaries and agents in the UK, USA, China, India, Australia, Russia, and Mexico they have an international presence that allows them to support their customers needs.


Their philosophy is that the best results are only achieved together.

Customer-oriented service and personal partnership are for INTRAVIS, as an owner-operated company, more than a matter of course. Competent consultation, efficient requirement analysis and an economical cost benefit calculation at the very beginning are the basis for subsequent custom manufacturing of their turn-key systems.


INTRAVIS is not only focused on excellent quality and leading technology but also sustainability.


They are aware of the need for highly qualified personnel to face tomorrow's challenges. The team is eager to achieve long term growth by always doing its best and believing in continuous improvement.


For all developments, INTRAVIS wants and needs to work closely with customers and accept our customers' challenges, take their needs into account and always put them first.



Founded in 1981, bfa solutions ltd is an engineering firm with a high level of competence in the area of industrial automation and the optimisation of manufacturing processes.


Their know how is interdisciplinary and encompasses the traditional areas of automation technology as well computer technology. This allows for the conception and realisation of solutions for plant control systems (PLC, SPS) from the shop floor level, and the data centred collection of manufacturing data, right up

to the interfacing with ERP systems and mobile applications.


Due to a special focus on plastics and strong connections with manufacturers of equipment for the injection moulding industry, they are able to offer systems and solutions tailored for the needs of plastics processors, allowing users to manage data sets, monitor production, schedule maintenance and collect and view all set and actual parameters giving full traceability for the entire process.

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