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Based in Bremen, Germany Ilsemann Automation has been supplying highly dynamic takeout systems with precise automation solutions to handle the most complex of applications for more than 40 years. Companies in more than 60 countries use their takeout and automation solutions in their production. Key industries are food packaging, medical, healthcare as well as automotive and multimedia.

Various standard systems are available for the production of IML products, plastic cutlery, disposable dinnerware, petri dishes, spray caps, multimedia boxes, etc.

Reducing cycle times is the key to cutting unit costs. Lateral insertion and takeout systems are consistently designed for top acceleration and traversing speeds to implement shortest cycle times with total cycle times shorter than 2.5sec, Ilsemann systems are unique in that they feature excellent takeout times shorter than 0.25 sec for single moulds as well as stack moulds with eight cavities or more.

Non-moving system components such as base frame and guides are solidly built for precision and durability. To make best use of the performance of

the drives they employ low-weight carbon fibre end-of-arm tools. They are custom-designed by specialists and produced in our in-house carbon fibre design and production unit.

Naturally, these highly dynamic processes are further enhanced with the integration of downstream optical quality inspection, stacking, packaging and palletising where required.

The demands imposed on medical & packaging applications are very high, therefore expectations as to the design and quality of equipment continually increasing. A bespoke automation systems from Ilsemann ensures that you fully meet these expectations. Our highly experienced teams will be keen to face the most complex challenges in the takeout, assembly and packaging of your components.

Ilsemann Automation systems safeguard your value added process with a focus on providing the most efficient solution for any application. Customer service is paramount and with Plastech Solutions representing the UK market with sales, service and spare parts, backed up with support and service from Germany where required, you can’t fail!

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